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As a Career Woman, are you struggling to find the mojo to achieve the success you deserve? Do you feel that something is not quite right with the career that you have chosen? That you have lost your passion, or are unhappy for no apparent reason, or stressed out to the max?

My aim is to help career women get to the bottom of their frustrations. Using tried and tested methods and solutions within the career counselling environment , to clarify your identity, and hence your true purpose. Using specific Career Tests, you will be able to find the right job, the right career, or to be able to operate more effectively, in the right business role for you, in your own small to medium-sized business?

If that’s your interest, then, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Celine Healy, and I am a Career Counsellor, and a Performance Management Strategist /Business Counsellor, specializing in Career Planning and Development for individuals, and Strategic Planning, for small to medium-sized businesses. My special niche is catering to career women, and women in business.

Over the years it became abundantly clear that I was not operating in the right job, career or business role, even in my own small businesses that I had set up. I wasted years trying to find that perfect niche for myself. Because of my experience in taking such a long time to find my niche, my wish for you is that you short cut this journey and uncover your own unique life path, which will lead to your life purpose.

My invitation to you is to download the FREE copies of the first two chapters of my book. Then, download the FREE EBook : How to Find The Job, Career or Business Role That is Right For You to see if there is any synergy with me. Perhaps you can send me an email and ask the questions you need answers to. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Performance Management for Businesses

As a woman in your own business, are you frustrated that you are not as successful as you thought you might be by now? Is everything a struggle and you feel like you are juggling balls in the air and not managing to keep them up all at once?

I know I was, when I was in the wrong business, the wrong role and the wrong jobs and careers. I was trying to juggle all aspects of my business, even though I knew intuitively that I was not good at some things. Women in business press on. They have the veneer of superwomen, so that’s the image that we continue to present to the world.

If you would like to find an easier way to manage your business by looking at where you are and why you are there and how you might define what you want, more clearly, utilising various performance management strategies, then you have come to the right place.

You will know you are in the role that is right for you when everything becomes easier and you get into flow. You need to be doing things that are natural for you to do, that tap into your innate skills and abilities. When you uncover your identity, you will feel validated. You will be able to develop your small business the way you want, with the right personnel, in the right roles.

So. Take a look around this site. Download the FREE material. And when you are ready, please contact me for details on how you can get yourself and your business back on track and in flow.

What others are saying about this new book by Celine Healy!

Raymond Aaron, a branding specialist, has written the following in the Foreword in the front of the book: If you want to fast track your progress to happiness and success, Celine shows you how from beginning to end. With her daily tools and techniques, you’ll be able to stay focused and clear away any negativity that detracts from your attractiveness factor. From establishing a foundation, to discovering your true talents and setting goals, to maintaining a daily state of joy and abundance—IDENTITY: The Key to Fast Track Your Success, has what you need to turbo -charge your path to success.

raymond21“Wow! THE BOOK on finding your identity, reconnecting with your inner self and discovering your true Life Path. A must read.”

Raymond Aaron
New York Times Top Ten Bestselling author


Asara Lovejoy, whose work on The One Command, I refer to and use in the daily techniques at the back of the book, states

asara“I love a book with lots of heart and inspiration. Celine Healy’s book, Actually It’s About Love delivers that in spades and more. This book is fun to read with a passionate message about you being loved and supported in your life through many paths. It’s yours to take.I look forward to many more great books from Celine.”

Asara Lovejoy
Author of The One Command around

EFT Specialist, Andrew Lewis, has stated about my new book:

andrewCeline Healy’s ” IDENTITY: The Key to Fast Track Your Career Success” can be a catalyst for real positive change in your life. It guides you through a simple step by step process combined with easy-to-use, yet powerful, life-transformational tools in the form of daily techniques. It contains the key to having a life of success and fulfillment, a bi-directional key, for inner and outer success and fulfillment.

Andrew Lewis
International EFT trainer

The specific 5-Step Blueprint Celine eloquently reveals in this gem of a book has the power to literally transform your life. If you’re ready to live the abundant life that’s been waiting for you to claim it, this book isn’t just a must-read. It’s a must-do.

Jeff Vacek & Ken Preuss
best-selling co-authors of “The New Masters of Online Marketing” and creators of Info Renegades: How To Turn Your Passion Into a Hugely Successful Online Business”

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